And I can’t wait!

December 17, 2010

A few years ago… I was afraid of wanting anything

I though wanting would lead to trying and then trying would to failure…

But now I find I can’t stop wanting…

I want to fly somewhere in 1st class off my own money…

I want to travel to Europe on a business trip…

I want to get invited to the White House…

I want to learn about the world…

I want to surprise myself…

I want to be important…

I want to be the best person I can be…

I want to define myself instead of having others to define me…

I want to win… And have people to be happy for me…

I want to lose… And get over it…

I want to not be afraid of the end…

I want to grow up to be generous and big hearted… The way the people have been with me…

I want an interesting and surprising life…

Its not that I think I’m going to get all these things…

I just want the possibility of getting them…

The possibility that things are going to change…

……………..And I can’t wait!………………..


Royal Enfield is Selfism

May 23, 2010

Selfism is Individualism.

Selfism is Self-Reliance.

Selfism only listens to the sound of its own voice.

Selfism is Indipendence.

Selfism is Dignity.

Sefism is not Arrogant.

Selfism is not Anti-Social.

Sefism is teh power of Self-Relief.

Selfism can change the World.




December 13, 2008

A room, four walls, very neatly painted in white, not to miss the red lines also that are visible in the middle and top of the walls going all through the quadruple. Two players playing the game, the game called life, how funny is it that the better one of the two has the liberty to take the others ass and make him run all around the place  like a cat chasing a mouse.







December 13, 2008

I am a perfectionist ; the person who’d fuss about how to make his hair; the person who’d fuss about how his handwriting sucks; the person who’d fuss about songs in the playlist; the person who’d fuss over every single pixel; the person who’d fuss about failing tests; the person who’d fuss over which side of the bed to sleep on; the person who’d fuss over one minor technical error; the person who wants everything his way.


I am a procrastinator; the person who’d always leave everything to the dateline; the person who’d not give a damn to the recent happenings; the person who’d only do his work right before bedtime; the person who’d only start to do something when times call for it; the person who cannot be bothered and is too lazy to.



Best of all, I am me.


I live. I can. I should. I will. I must. I thee. I die.






You know it is Chandigarh when…

August 29, 2008

University elections become more important than MLA, MC elections (SOPU, PUSU bruuahh)
Explaining Gehri to outsiders becomes a tough task
Kaimbwala requires no further defining
You always have a separate budget (after buying a car) for bigger tyres, alloy wheels, stereo, woofer etc.
Shopping in guys’ vocabulary refers to buying daru from Jugnu Ahata and soda, glasses from any confectionery
Names like Neelam, Nirman, Kiran, Jagat, Batra, Piccadily aren’t just names but entertainment centres
Car-o-bar refers to drinking with glasses on the dickey of the car in Sector 8 market late at night
Paranthe wale are the chefs who come out late at night at sector 16, 17 and 22 to make paranthe and chai for late night partygoers
Abbreviations like GCG, MCM mean a lot without knowing their full forms
Guys speak in loud Punjabi when a group of girls passes by and girls start speaking in English everytime a group of guys passes by
The traffic cops start the challan drive in the last week of March to end the year in good numbers
Everyone has a ‘massi’ in Canada , and a ‘bhua’ in UK
A new year’s bash is incompete without a fight
Actually any party is incomplete without a fight
Everyone has some political connection
Stu C is more popular with non students
Owning a Bullet while still in school is an achievement
Spending upto Rs 2 lacs on number 1 for a car’s number plate does not raise any eyebrows
Kinetic Hondascooter is referred to as Kiney and Bullet bike as Bullt
You are proud of being a Punjabi
22g is only understood by you
You are shocked to find out when someone doesn’t drink and is a vegetarian
Many ppl are ‘vella’ when asked what they do
Everyone’s been to the Rock Garden and hate to show it yet again to family friends/relatives from other cities
Everybody knows everybody
Every new party place has the same old faces
A new car, bike etc. first comes to the Gehri route n later to the gurudwara or mandir
Anyone and Everyone has had food at “Pal Da Dhaba” and “Giani Da Dhaba (Dharampur)”
Desi Ahatas are officially called “TAVERNS”
Everyone has heard the song ” Chandigarh kare aashiqui” by B21
Bikers are challaned even if the pillion rider is not wearing a helmet and girls are allowed to ride without one.
Most ppl have gone to the district courts in Sector 17 to get their challans cleared (as it is cheaper than paying the fine at Sector 29 police lines)
A good lookin car turns more heads than a pretty girl
English speaking girls are usually referred to as “yankan” or “jhankan”
The “Gehri-on-foot” (à la Sector 35 CCD lane, Sector 17) becomes more popular


Resilience is rising

August 29, 2008

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius

Glory is – getting over and done with the latest detox diet, getting to lose two kilos, getting a new handphone, getting to save a thousand bucks for that auto expo you’ve always wanted to go, getting your dream piercing done, getting that laptop you’ve always eyed, getting that latest game you’ve always wanted, getting the dream car of your life, getting to meet your idol in person, getting the pet you’ve always wanted to love.

Falling is – ditching your detox diet in two days with a bad diet, regaining five kilos, losing the handphone, spending the two hundred bucks repaying for phone bills that exploded with too many SMS-es, chickening out of the piercing at the last minute, spoiling the computer five minutes after booting cause of your pornographic needs, buying the pirated and trojan-infected edition of the game, having no money to get the dream car, having your idol cancel the trip, getting a cat instead of a dog.

Rising is – reviewing the detox diet and modifying it to suit needs, losing three kilos, finding the handphone, saving two thousand bucks after the phone bill incident, deciding to get the piercing done and over with in a minute, reformatting the computer after it got infected, downloading the edition of the game off the official website, ditching the dream car for a hybrid one and loving the cat instead.



May 25, 2008

I can feel the sun is hurting my eye but its all dark outside,
I can hear the water waves, but m no where near a beach,
I can feel that someone is pushing me from behind, but the room is totally empty,
I can hear that the cell phone is ringing even when its on silent mode,
I can see the rainbow in the sky even though it hasn’t rained from the past month,
I can ….. but still i just can’t….

I am sure i am not mad, i am sure i have not lost it completely, but m sure there is something missing that i am looking for in everything, i am sure that things are just not complete, i just feel a little incomplete.